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October 18, 2010

Wow... you're in London. Where Dan Jones served his mission right? Oh wait... that's in Wales. Anyways, He's an awesome guy. I'm not sure if you know about this but a "Dan Jones" in the mission field is basically when you stand up in a crowd and preach the gospel to all of them. In fact, we're doing a district activity tonight that the Zone Leaders and I organized. We'll all be doing a "Dan Jones".

So Yeah! Things are great! My companion got into our area Saturday morning. After he got settled and I got to meet him, we went out the door proselyting. Soo... His name is Elder Raymound Denies. He's adopted. He's Indian, but born in Malaysia. So, he speaks: English, Malay, Hindi, Tamil, and now... Chinese. He was baptized April 2009, and wanted to serve a mission straight after. He's really cool and has a LOT of desire to share his testimony of the gospel with others. His Chinese needs a lot of work, but with his desire, he'll get there fast.

This week with the Zone Leaders was really AWESOME. That's all I can say. I felt the spirit so strong as we followed the counsel of our mission president, and worked hard on the streets and in lessons. I noticed a big difference in how I do missionary work and how I should be doing it. I learned that I need to be focusing more on teaching the gospel and applying it to their lives. I need to let them know that we come here to preach salvation, not to find friends. Of course my investigators are my friends, but that's not the reason I came here ;) Anyways, to be short, I learned a ton from my leaders. I'm having an even better time.
Hahah... So we were in a Park this week, contacting people, and there was this one couple making out on a bench. We all thought it was weird, and apparently so did the gardener, because he looked at us, pointed to the couple with his weedwacker, and said "Bad!!!" in Chinese. We all started laughing. I've been having so many funny moments here. Too bad I forget lots of them.

We also saw some miracles while tracting on tuesday night. We knocked a door, and this lady let us in to teach her a bit about the church. After that, we felt like we should stay in the area, so we tracted, and after a few doors, one let us in. He was baptized in 2005, and had military service, so he became less-active. We met his mom and taught them both a quick lesson on prayer and Heavenly father. The mom said really frankly: "No interest", but we committed her son to continue on praying to receive Heavenly Father's help to know where to get a job. They also said they knew of a less-active family a floor below them. So... within 30-40 minutes, we found 2 "Lost Sheep" and a new investigator. The Spirit really guided us that night.

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