Sunday, April 17, 2011

October 25, 2010

So, truth to be told, this week was alittle discouraging, but really good at the same time. As terms of diligence and purpose, this week was awesome! We worked hard every day, and worked smart too. It wasn't like: 5 hours tracting a neighborhood. We planned out good finding activities where people would be given the opportunity to learn more about the gospel. The only discouraging part though is in the lack of investigators we have. I've been setting up former investigators to meet with us, and so far, I found a really great one. He came to English class and has been excited to meet with us... but... He lives in the Zone leader's area... So we have to give him over. It was a difficult sacrifice, but it's what is in the rules. We'll follow that no matter how golden a person is.

Elder Denies is really a great Elder. He has alot of faith and every once in a while pushes me forward. He has alot of struggles with Chinese, but he'll get that down with patience and effort. We've recently been doing a huge variety of finding activites. Dan Jones, Park contacting, English Boarding (walking around the outside of a MTR station promoting English class), tracting, street contacting, looking for service, etc. It's been really good, though sometimes hard when everyone we meet rejects listening to our message. We saw a miracle the other day when working with the Zone Leaders outside though. After doing Dan Jones, we contacted as many people as we could in the vicinity, and the Zone leaders taught a lesson and set a baptismal date with a guy on the scooter. Lessons in our mission consist of a prayer, sharing scriptures and doctrine, and then a closing prayer. It's difficult to find people that are willing to stop for 10 minutes and even more so to find them willing to say prayers and listen to our message. Anyways it was cool to see people accept to listen to our message. I really do enjoy this experience. All of them. It really teaches us so much.
Well, my district is going up to DanShui today. I haven't been there for almost half a year. I'm so excited to run around there and play.

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