Saturday, April 16, 2011

September 13, 2010

Things are going great. I actually learned and found out a few cool things about my area. When I first got here, it seemed like a big part of the missionary work was dead. 2 Companionships moved out, a missionary got emergency transfered, etc. I basically found out through a member friend that some missionaries were really disobedient here. Some members called our mission president about it, so they got transferred out, and Elder Chen got transferred in. Then I came 2 weeks later, so we didn't know too much of what was going on. So now were working on building up the trust of the members and getting our teaching pool back up. It was either today or yesterday that I realized a reason I was sent here my 9th transfer. I feel like I really helped my last 2 areas out (TianMu and LongTan) in getting new investigators and doing the work how President wanted. I hope I was sent here because President trusts me to work well with Elder Chen to build the work back up here. In all three of these past areas, I've seen the numbers change a bunch. We get alot more members involved in teaching lessons, getting people baptismal dates, and getting investigators to church.

Yeah, so things are doing well. Today, a member family of ours here took us out to Costco and out bowling. Costco is EXACTLY like it is in the US. Except, just a little bit smaller and everything is in English and Chinese. It was way fun, but now I'm really tired. I actually even forgot what really happened this week. It's weird that it happens right after sunday. Sunday really is probably one of my most stressful days here. Not knowing members or investigators and having to be able to answer any question members throw at you during lessons. It's tiring. But hey, This place is awesome and we've been seeing lots of success recently.

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