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September 20, 2010

So this week went by really fast. We had lots of meetings, things to do, and then our lessons with investigators. It's sometimes really crazy having a companion who is the district leader. We had to do some meetings, travel an hour and a half to do another meeting, do exchanges with the other Elders in the district, and clean out a missionary apartment. JiLong used to have 6 missionaries here, but President has been making alot of changes. So, those missionaries moved out a few transfers ago, and now we closed down their apartments. In addition to that, apartment inspections are coming up, so the Elder in charge of all the apartments said that we need to repaint some parts of our apartment. Then, as you both might have heard, a Typhoon hit us on Sunday. From what I've heard, it was really big in YiLan, Hualien, and TaiDong, but as for us here... just a little bit of rain and wind. But because of mission policies and other safety things, Church got cancelled and so did missionary work. We just sat inside all yesterday and had to cancel 5 of our lessons.
And this week, it's going to be worse. Tuesday and Wednesday, we're going to be inTaipei for a Leadership training. I'll be on exchanges with my MTC companion Elder Adam, so I'll be there for 2 whole days. Then all the other weekly meetings are pushed to the weekend, really cutting out our proselyting time.
Last Saturday, we all went to Taipei and did a cool service. It was mostly for publicity of our church, but out of the 3 hours planned out, we did 30 minutes of scraping gum off sidewalks. It was good to actually get out and let people see that we actually come to serve and not to annoy people by knocking on their doors. During the activity, I talked to my Zone Leader in LongTan. He said that Eric's wife got baptized and so did another guy Elder Swenson and I worked with. Apparently, they have a baptism every week lined up in LongTan... I really miss that area, but we're seeing great things in JiLong too!
One of our main investigators right now is a family! The Chu family met missionaries about half a year ago, and because of time constraints, couldn't meet with missionaries really regularly, but they read scriptures everyday, and have rock-solid testimonies of Christ. They also come to church. We watched "Together Forever" with them and Brother Chu said he used to have the same life of always at work, and never with family, but when he changed that around, he found a lot more happiness to life. They're really cool and I'm excited to work with them more.
As for this week's miracle, on exchanges, I was really stressed as to what we should do. I prayed really hard for Heavenly Father to direct me to something that would be worthwhile with the hour and a half that we had to fill. I chose an area I felt good about and handpicked some former investigators. One of them, after reading through his record, I decided to go to his house first. It really felt good. During that time, we didn't get to look for them, but on Friday night, we went over there as a backup plan, and found his Mom. She was really kind and kept on referring to us being on the Lord's work. We showed her a picture of Christ visiting the Nephites and asked if we could come back Saturday and share a message about Jesus Christ with her and her 2 college-age kids. We met with her at that time and both her and her Buddhist daughter showed interest in learning more about these "Restored truths". We're going to try to meet with them at the end of this week, so I'm also excited to be working with them.
That is so cool that Krista has a new born son. That makes about 14 people in our family! Then David will get married, and have kids, etc. Wow... it's crazy how fast time goes by. 5 times uncle!!!, Well, Mom and Dad, you're both 5 times grandparents! Haha, but no worries, everyone who sees my family picture says you both look really young.
And as for previous Elder's in this area, I shouldn't really complain. All we have to really worry about is how much effort we're doing now, and what lays in store in the future. This area has seen really good hard work in the past, so I know it can see miracles.
I know this church is true. If we pray with all our heart, we can feel at peace with all the troubles around us. The Church is not an emotional crutch; it is essential for us to return back to our Father in Heaven. I've been reading Jesus the Christ and I more and more love his teachings, his parables, and his life as a pattern for ours. I hope to change myself more and more to be more like him.

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