Sunday, April 17, 2011

September 27, 2010

Being with Elder Adam was a great exchange. We both talked alot about both of our pride in the MTC. It was actually a great chance to work together and do some self-reflection into our lives. He's a great missionary and doing good work over there.

I wrote President Grimley this part: "I've recently been running into that a lot when contacting and talking to people about what religion means to them. I'll admit that it is a way we can get emotional support and courage to overcome our problems, but what makes our church different, is the salvation it brings through the atonement of Christ. I've been sharing this scripture on the street recently: 2 Nephi 2:6-8. It basically tells of why missionaries come on a mission. Without the Gospel of Jesus Christ, man cannot be saved. So, it really is an urgent matter that we must share with our brothers and sisters in the world. They need to be reminded of the Plan of Salvation that no other church can give the answers to. It's the only way, and to see souls to leave this world unprepared and unworthy to enter into the rest of the Lord would be a truly tragic thing."

I've only really started understanding the doctrine of the Gospel of Jesus Christ on my mission and what we need to do once we learn it. It's all what this life is for. To remember God's plan, accept the road back to Heavenly Father, and learn through our difficulties. It's so important to share it with others.

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