Sunday, April 17, 2011

November 15, 2010

... if you call me Scott, it's fine I guess... It... just doesn't feel like me as Elder Carlson or Kong Zhang Lao does. It's kind of weird. By the way, how did David adjust to that? I remember right before I left, he was weirded out that Iwas the one that was Elder Kong now. Haha... It's definitely going to be strange to not have the title of Elder.

We have this missionaries in our ward who just got back from a mission in Canada. 2 weeks ago, he asked me to give him a missionary planner. And he's just progressing and progressing through the stages. This week, he even brought his proselyting bag to church. Haha... it's pretty amusing how a person can get that trunkie.... especially about his mission. It's like he's getting ready to go back out there. Maybe we'll have to take him out contacting/tracting one day.

So we had something way interesting this week. Elder Green and I set up a firefighter last week, and this week we met with him. But... he stood us up. Instead, 2 of his co-workers showed up and first showed us how to do some firefighting and then asked us questions about the church. One was super interested and the other was just curious of what we believed. I explained that we can know Joseph Smith's experience is true through prayerful reading of the Book of Mormon. One guy said: "Woah. That makes so much sense!" The other guy was like "What? I still don't get it". So we set up another time with them; the next day. One guy stood us up, but the other who said it made sense came, and we taught him half of the plan of salvation. We then committed him to be baptized. He's busy until December, but I'm hoping I'll be here next transfer so we can teach him.

Anyways, that is so cool that Brother [East] is so excited about the Priesthood. It shows that he has so much faith to actually preform miracles if needed. Sometimes I think I don't appreciate it as much as I do. I don't appreciate alot of things that I have. I'll have to humble myself and try to realize those blessings I hold in my life.

Missionary work really is going well. I noticed in Preach my Gospel some things yesterday. In the Finding section, it talks about how we're to find those that will receive us. That section was actually mainly about persistance and maintaining a firm belief you were sent to an area to find specific people. If you keep working hard and not get discouraged, you'll find people. You can also pray to Heavenly Father to give you wisdom and power to find those. And as well as other calling in the Church, you were put there for a reason. You can't pray for people to accept it as Heavenly Father will force no man, but you can pray for him to assist you in knowing how to help people make the correct choice. Anyways, the gospel's true again.
I love you so much mom, and thanks for writing me! We're going to an Armed Forces Museum today. I'm excited to go see all the things there. Maybe I'll see some stuff Grandpa had to deal with when he was in Vietnam. I would totally love to visit there some day.

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