Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 16, 2011

Hey Everyone!

So quick update, I've now been placed in Danshui, Taiwan as a District Leader. (For those who don't know what that is, I'm basically leading a group of 5 missionaries in a north part of Taiwan. I basically train them weekly and also go on exchanges to train them on what the mission president wants us all to learn and know.) So, this week was great and we saw lots of miracles! My companion especially is cool. He's only on his 3rd transfer (3-4 months) in Taiwan, but his Chinese is probably as good and maybe better than mine. I can write characters, but he can definitely speak better than I can. But, yeah. He is a big help and we're having a good time. We were on the road the other day, and I started talking to an Indonesian lady (because Elder Denies taught me some in the past) and while I struggled talking to her, he talked to this other lady. He just said: "Hey, can I share this book with you?" and he and her just talked about the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, and the restoration of the gospel. She thought it was so cool that she invited us up to her house that moment to share it with her husband. Her husband wasn't as interested, but we'll meet with her this next week hopefully.

So guess what! I'm not trunky! I've been much trunkier on different parts of my mission, but this morning, my companion was joking, telling me of all the movies I need to see, music to listen to, things to do... I just shrugged my shoulders. Yeah, no effect at all! Like... I just thought "whatever! I can see all that soon and I want to be here in Taiwan right now..."

I'm glad you guys had a great week. I'm short on time, but yeah O… is doing great. They only have 6 more commandments to share with her, and she's great with being baptized! I'm totally going to attend and I told Elder Porter to tell me when they hold it. I'm so stoked!

So basically, I'm having a blast this last transfer. It's scary how fast it's going. Like David said, I'll be on the plane home soon and just... yeah. I won't know when I'll see all my Taiwan friends again. So, I guess I'll just live it all up while I can and enjoy the last stretch while working hard. Probably the biggest spiritual experience I had besides lessons we taught, was this morning in my studies. I was preparing for the District meeting (where I teach other missionaries), and while I was thinking of things to share and an activity to do, it felt like the Holy Spirit was testifying to me that this is EXACTLY what the missionaries need to do to improve their efforts, results, happiness, and biggest of all, faith. I'm excited to teach this tomorrow.

I love you all and miss you all too! I hope things are going great and summer preparations are going well.


Elder Scott Carlson

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