Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 1, 2011

We had a cool week because both Elder Jay E. Jensen and Elder Bednar came to Taiwan. Elder Jensen spoke to our mission, and Elder Bednar spoke to the Stake. Only my stake here got to see him, so I felt really lucky. Plus, my companion suggested we go super early, so we got 4th row pew seats in a stake center sized room. We had the Wang family come, and they were awesome. They were dressed up really nice, and when they got there they just started reading scriptures to prepare. I love that family!!! Their kids were too rowdy to come, but Brother and Sister Wang came and seemed to like it. Especially because Elder Bednar spoke directly to non-members. It was really powerful. We had 4 investigators there (haha one got pulled away from us to usher people into the meeting), but I wish we had more because it would mean a lot to them to see and listen from a modern day apostle.
We also went on exchanges yesterday and when I was in a place called Beitou, my exchange companion and I contacted this lady, and we found out she lived in the US. So, we contacted her in English. I'm sooooo thankful for the Mission office. My English was more coherent, and my companion struggled in teaching english lessons. Really, the office improved my english a ton! It went really good and the spirit was strong. But she told us she knew some things about our church and couldn't accept the Godhead, or that we have to "earn" our salvation, or the 3 kingdoms of glory. I didn't have the Bible on me, but I asked her to re-read James 2. I said I didn't want to argue about it or say she's wrong, but I invited to read a few passages in the scriptures and if she wanted to learn more, check out She was really cool. I can totally see her accepting the gospel when she goes back toCalifornia.
Anyways, my companion is still really sweet and I'm glad to be with him. He helps me always work hard and do my best to find and teach. Time is ticking by, but it's going to be good. Our temple day is today so thats why I didn't reply on monday. Which, is going to make it even shorter because our next Preparation Day is only 4 days away. Then it's my second to last week. Yikes. Well... Onward ever onward.

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