Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 13, 2011

So about that rest that I wanted/needed... Well, my companion has been sick with the flu this past week. He still has it, so we've been taking it really really easy. Basically, I'm so rested that I wake up naturally at 5:30 now and just sit in bed until I have to wake up at 6:30. I've organized records, deep cleaned the kitchen, bleached the bathtub, and done other stuff. Yeah... so I got my rest. I'm afraid to set up lots of people for this last week because we might need some of that time for him to rest more and finally get over the flu before the next transfer. We've been teaching lessons still, but just mainly taking it easy so we don't kill my companion. I'm sooo excited to see you two again! I'm going to sure miss Taiwan, especially Danshui, but I'm way excited to be back with my parents again.

I'm going to miss Elder Siebert. He's a great guy. He'll do awesome in the mission and just see miracles the whole time with his efforts and faith. Yeah... I really don't know what to say now... because it's basically all over... As a sister missionary wrote in my bye-bye book, "These 2 years are the best, although not the happiest." It's hard, but I love my mission. I wish I could've worked more boldly in my previous efforts. I'm really really going to miss it. Sure, I'll be back in the world where I can use the computer, play around with friends, talk to my family whenever I want, etc... but there's just some other connection to life that I don't think I'll reach when I get back. It's like there are 2 'real life'.

There's this world, and there's knowing what real life really is in an eternal perspective. On earth we have iPhones. In Heaven, we'll have our personal revelation rock. On earth, we have our lives; work, home, recreation. And in Heaven, we'll just have worlds without number. The biggest connection I think I've felt during this time is Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ going before us in Their Work. Preparing the way. Helping us through the hard times. Basically this has increased my desire to serve the Lord more. I hope I can get a calling to serve others in my next BYU ward. I'm excited for it.

Well, I gotta go. Thanks for writing me so diligently these past 2 years. It's meant a ton to me. I love you both and I'll see you soon!!!
Elder Carlson
P.S. There's a chance I'll check my email next week if there's any last minute details. If not, just email the mission office.
Well, I love you both! I'll see you in just a week!

Hey all!
So I just wanted to write a mass email for my last one on the mission. You know, it's really weird to say that. Just last saturday morning, I got to attend O and M's baptism (pictured). They were 2 people I got to teach when I was serving in the mission office, and they got baptized about 6 weeks after we started teaching them. Talk about people really prepared to learn and accept Christ's teachings. They both have awesome prayers and really believe this is what God wants them to do. Anyways, it's great to see friends come to the Savior like that. I'll see you all in a week or more for others of you. Anyways, it's sad that I'm going home, but I'm excited to see all you again.
Love you all!
Elder Carlson

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