Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 20, 2011

Oh NOOO!!! Do I need to bring a shirt to change into for the interview with the stake president??? Just Joking... You know... I'm secretly hoping my flight to Hk gets delayed, so I miss my flight to moscow too... therefore, I'd get to spend a few hours in HK! :D That'd make my day, but that'd be difficult to work things out with you guys over there. Schedual another interview and all.... I'm excited to be back though. It's going to be nice to be with you again.
I'll tell you about this when I get back, but I got the best send out! Sunday night was a YSA FHE night, and it was basically a HUGE party. We brought 4 investigators too. There were probably 20+ people attending. Basically, we ate, played games, and I got to explain I'm leaving, my feelings about the mission, and share my favorite scripture. Then, as we were leaving to go home, we took a group picture. Then I said bye to people... It was such a fun night. I'm really going to miss this area. The members are so great.
Our ward is still in a rented chapel, but this month, if we can get an average of 120 people to sac. meeting, they'll build us a brand new one. 1st week: 90 people, 2nd: 104, 3rd: 129!!! So, we can totally do it. Us missionaries are bringing 7-8 people a week, including ourselves, so we'll accomplish it. 129 is pretty good yeah? It seemed like alot of people for taiwan, but we're DOING IT! So, I think we'll have a new chapel in DanShui when I come back and visit.
Truthfully, I'm excited to get back to Facebook... that's one of the only ways I'll be able to get back in contact with all my friends here in Taiwan. I'm really going to miss all these people. It seems like it's going to be soo sad. It's like what David wrote to me in a letter: "... Then you'll be on the plane home, not knowing when you'll ever see your friends in Taiwan again." I'm starting to feel like that. I leave the mission office at 5:30 am tomorrow morning, so basically, I only have 2 hours and maybe 30 minutes tonight. The rest of the time is all traveling time. Way way sad. I'll truly miss this country.
Elder Scott Carlson (Until I serve a senior mission)

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